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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Which End of a Shooting Head do you Attach to a Running Line

I rigged up a Airflo Skagit Short today and my buddy said, " You're head is on backwards". I took a look at it and said, "No the laser marking is on the end that is attached to my running line". He said "Sorry, but Rio heads work that way but Airflo are just the opposite". I said "You know, you're right".

Rio and Airflo are two of the most recognizable spey fly line manufacturers here in California. They both have Printed ID  marking systems, but they are attached to your running line opposite of each other. Why, who knows. A little confusing don't you think!

Airflo Shooting Heads

Here is a photo of the Printed ID system of Airflo Shooting Heads.

When you are attaching an Airflo Shooting Head to a running line the Printed ID system is located on the front of the shooting head. You attach the non-printed end to the running line. This end is black.

If you have older Airflo Shooting Heads one end is color coded and the other is black. You attach the black end to the running line.

So remember color coded end or the Printed ID end does not attach to the running line.

Rio Shooting Heads

Here is an example of the Printed ID of a Rio Skagit Max head.

When to are using Rio Shooting heads the Printed ID end is printed on the rear end of the shooting head. You attach the Printed ID end  to the running line.

So with Rio remember that the Printed ID end attaches to the running line.


Who knows why they do the things that they do. One thing I do know is that if your shooting head is on backwards your line just will not fly right. Check twice and make sure you get it right.

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