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Fly Fishing 101 Class

FFT Fly Fishing 101 Class

Fly Fishing Traditions is providing a an entry level fly fishing class called "Fly Fishing 101" at the Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley. This is a comprehensive 6 session class for the person that has the desire to get into and learn about fly fishing.

What will you learn

Topics Include:
  • The Fly Rod - How a fly rod works. What rod would be best for you.
  • The Fly Reel - How a fly reel works and why.
  • The Fly Line - The purpose of the fly line and how to select he right one.
  • Leaders and Tippet - What are they.
  • Fly Casting - The mechanics and bio-mechanics of fly casting, you will how to do it right.
  • Fly Fishing Glossary - We will explain the jargon of fly fishing
  • Fly Fishing Gear - What you will need and what it may cost.
  • Bugs - The bugs that fish like to eat and how to match them with flies.
  • Knots - The knots you need to assemble your gear and tie on your flies.
  • Assembling your fly fishing outfit
  • On the water fishing to try out what you've learned.
What does it cost?

The Fly Fly Fishing 101 class is a 6 session class where you will receive approximately 16 hours of instruction. The class includes your personal copy of "The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" and a FFT class manual.

The cost of the six session class is $200.

How do you sign up?

You can sign up in three ways.

(1) You can sign up at The Reel Anglers Fly Shop at 760 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley,CA
(2) You can call Tom Page at 530-477-5397. 
(3) You can email Clay at

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