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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thingamastone & Thingamahopper

I was checking out Blue Ribbon Flies looking for a recipe for the "Shop Vac" when I came upon the latest strike indicator sensation.

Introducing the "Thingamahopper"

And we're not done yet!

Also introducing the "Thingamstone"

I betcha that these won't sink! What will they come up with next.



  1. I like the Idea accually I love it... Then as a tyer I wonder why??... why tie a thingamabob to the top of a fly so you can see it better. so it wont sink?, so tht when a fish hits the indicator there punnised? well they cant see it so its just to make an flyfisher go whoa!! thats cool and it is!! Ill admitt to making a hopper in to a indicater with mono loops and Ill admitt to tying a hook dangeling from the thingamamobber,,, what you have here is wild!!!

  2. In response to why the Uni-Bobber on top of the fly, the answer is yes to all three! I came up with this fly to have something that would hold up a large weighted stone and that would be visible in rough water. It serves these functions perfectly and also looks cool and stands out in a fly bin. To see the rest of the original Thing-A-Ma-fly family, go to and
    look under new flies.


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