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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fly Tying - Shop Vac, CHC Caddis, Iris Caddis, Antron Caddis Pupa

I was playing around yesterday and downloaded some patterns from Blue Ribbon Flies and tied some up. Here's some background on the patterns, photos, and recipes.

The "Shop Vac"

The "Shop Vac" was originated in Montana and earned it's name for "vacuuming" out the holes and runs of some the major western rivers. Its an all purpose nymph in the style of a pheasant tail and serendipity nymphs. It is reported to be a favorite as a dropper off a hopper.

An alternate tie is to add peacock herl behind the bead instead of the black thread.

Hook #14-18 Dairiki 135
Bead - Gold Bead
Thread - 8/0 Black
Rib - Small Copper wire
Wing - White Zelon

Alternate Tie: Peacock herl behind the bead

Iris Caddis

The "Iris Caddis" is the perfect pattern to use when trout are taking emergent pupa in the film or subsurface. You can use it for all caddis by matching color and size.

Hook - Tiemco 102Y
Thread - 8/0
Shuck Gold Amber Crinkled Zelon
Body - Antron Blend (Applied using a dubbing loop) Dubbed with guard hairs left long
Legs - Partridge
Head - Antron Blend

CHC Caddis - Caribou Hair Caddis

The CHC Caddis (Caribou Hair Caddis) works well for selective trout in low light conditions in the evenings. By integrating the caribou hair it makes the fly float well. This fly can be a little hard to see when fishing in low light conditions, but worth trying. It is tied on a curved hook.

Hook - 15-19 Tiemco 102Y
Thread - 8/0
Shuck - Zelon
Body - Anton Blend (applied using a dubbing loop)
Wing - Caribou Hair

Antron Caddis Pupa

This fly was developed for fishing in the film when caddis are hatching. It does not have a wing so it is harder to see. It is tied in a very buggy style using a dubbing loop, with antron fibers. It has a short zelon tail or shuck, buggy antron body, partridge out riggers for legs and a darker dubbed head.

Hook - 14-20 Tiemco 100
Thread - 8/0
Shuck- Gold/Amber crinkled Zelon
Body - Antron fibers ( buggy with a dubbing loop)
Legs - Partridge
Head - Antron Blend

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