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FFT Workshops

Fly Fishing Traditions Workshops and Individual Instruction

Fly Fishing Traditions offers full day workshops and individual instruction led by experienced foothill sierra guides. The workshops will deliver the experience and confidence to explore our Northern California waters. The workshops will be taught on the water and in a classroom environment on location. The seasoned instructors provide students with hands on instruction on location on our rivers, streams and stillwaters, on the water. The fly fishing schools are broken down into multiple workshops that focus on the techniques that you will need.

FFT is offering four different full day workshops. The single day schools are Bring Your Own Lunch  and snacks and beverages. Other than that all you need to bring is your fishing gear and a valid California fishing license. Gear can be provided if requested.

Stillwater Workshop

The Stillwater Workshop will be conducted on a Northern California stillwater. The stillwater workshop is designed for anglers of all stages of fly fishing who wish to learn stillwater techniques. This school is modeled after Phil Rowley’s Stillwater school. The student will learn proper casting techniques, reels, fly lines, knots, leaders, flies, and setting up their rods. The school will cover lake profiling, proper equipment, safety concerns and fly fishing etiquette.

Spey and Switch Rod Workshop 101 & 102
The Switch and Light Spey Rod Workshop is conducted on the Lower Yuba River. There are two workshops taught on two separate days. 

The FFT Spey and Switch Rod 101 workshop is an introductory class.  The FFT Spey and Switch Rod 102 workshop covers more advanced techniques. These workshops are for fly fishers who wish to develop the skills to fish for trout and steelhead skills using a switch and/or spey rods. 

The workshop attendees will learn techniques such as the dead drift indicators, tight line nymphing, two handed casts like the snap-tee, single and double spey, snake roll and the perry poke.  The Switch and Spey Rod Workshops will give the students the confidence, skills and knowledge to tackle trout and steelhead with a switch or spey rod anywhere in Northern California. Each of these workshops also gives fly fishers crucial one on one time with the instructors. The workshops are ideal for intermediate to advanced anglers.

Small Stream Trout Workshop

The Small Stream Trout Workshop will be conducted on the North Fork Yuba River. The workshop will be held off the water in a classroom situation and then every one will go fishing. This is a full day school. There will approximately 4 hours of instruction and 4 hours of fishing. The workshop will focus on the skills you need to explore our Northern Sierra small streams. We will teach you how to fish pocket water and small stream runs and pools using upstream dry and nymph presentations, high sticking as well as tight line European nymphing methods.

This Trout workshop is designed for anglers who are novice to intermediate anglers. The student will learn proper casting techniques, reels, fly lines, knots, leaders, flies, and wading. Rigging rods for small streams will be covered. 

Tailwater Trout Workshop

The Tailwater Trout workshop is conducted on the Lower Yuba River. FFT offers  four different full day sessions. They may be  taken in any order.
  • Lower Yuba Nymphing Technique Workshop
  • Tactics and techniques for the Downstream quadrant. 
  • Dry fly tactics and Techniques. 
  • Floating Clinic  where pairs of students will spent a whole day fishing the river from a driftboat with a seasoned Yuba River Guide.
These four workshops will focus on all the techniques you will need to have at your disposal to fish a tailwaters wherever you shall roam. You will learn how to read water, rigg properly and how to present your flies effectively in a variety of water types using multiple techniques. 

Fly Fishing 101 School

FFT is offering a six session Fly Fishing 101 school for people interested in learning to fly fish. This an entry level class that offer approximately 16 hours of instruction. The classes are held at the Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley. 

Topics Include:
  • The Fly Rod - How a fly rod works. What rod would be best for you.
  • The Fly Reel - How a fly reel works and why.
  • The Fly Line - The purpose of the fly line and how to select he right one.
  • Leaders and Tippet - What are they.
  • Fly Casting - The mechanics and bio-mechanics of fly casting, you will how to do it right.
  • Fly Fishing Glossary - We will explain the jargon of fly fishing
  • Fly Fishing Gear - What you will need and what it may cost.
  • Bugs - The bugs that fish like to eat and how to match them with flies.
  • Knots - The knots you need to assemble your gear and tie on your flies.
  • Assembling your fly fishing outfit
  • On the water fishing to try out what you've learned.

School Details

  • All schools are taught by Clay Hash or with the assistance of other local guides,
  • Refer to each workshop for a details and the pricing relevant to each.
  • Rods, and reels, will be provided if requested.
  • All of the FFT full day workshops are a BYO Lunch, Snacks and Drinks.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment.
  • Educational materials will be provided as hand outs for most of the workshops.
  • All schools will include table top sessions with classroom environment. 
  • Students must possess a valid California fishing license and a Steelhead Report card if required.
Sign Up for any of the Fly Fishing Traditions Schools

Sign up for any of the FFT Schools by;
(a) Call Clay at 530-913-1334  to ask any questions or to reserve a space.
(b) Mail Clay at; Fly Fishing Traditions - 13572 Green Lane - Grass Valley, CA 95945
(c) Email Clay at 
Email Clay Hash Make a note that you are signing up for a particular school.

Thanks, Clay