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Friday, August 15, 2014

Kingfisher Drift Boat Build - Rift Sawn White Oak

On the quest for additional materials for for the "Kingfisher" build. I headed down to Sacramento today in search of white oak, specifically rift sawn. Rift Sawn is the most expensive type of white oak, more expensive than quarter sawn. It yields very nice surface grain, sometimes almost vertical grain and has less run out than other cuts. White oak is durable and can be steam bent. I am going to have to bend the white oak for the inner and outer gunwales. You want the grain to run straight along the edges in order for it to bend properly.

I was referred to a hardwood company called "Aura Hardwoods", by a cabinet maker friend of mine Stan Jennings. When I arrived, I asked if I could select boards with the grain I was looking for. They brought a whole unit out and basically said "Knock yourself out". They left me alone for over an hour and I went through at least half of the unit to get a high graded 60 board feet. It's really nice stuff. I'll use it for about 90 per cent of the solid wood boat parts including the most important as mentioned above the gunnels. I'll go through all the boards I've purchased to high grade the gunnel stock.

I start working in into various sizes next week. Guess its time to break out the dust mask.

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