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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year - Welcome to 2011

Happy New Year to everyone out there!

I've been busy here at home for the holidays, nursing Zack back to health after he had 4 wisdom teeth pulled and 6 baby teeth. That's a bunch. I've cleaned up the World Headquarters of Fly Fishing Traditions, organized the fly tying materials and been tying new Skwala patterns. I've got about 4 prototype Skwala Dries, and a new and improved Skwala Nymph. I've purchased about every rubberleg material out there so I've got a bunch to test out. Hopefully the Lower Yuba will lower to fishable levels and the Skwala will be out soon, I can't wait.

So what's in store for 2011 here at Fly Fishing Traditions. Quite a bit.

Fly Fishing Traditions New Website

I've been working on a new FFT website for over 6 months and it's just about ready to launch. It will probably be live by next weekend. The website will still be accessed at

The FFT Blog will be alive and well and will have it's own page on the new website. The FFT Blog is the heart and soul of the new website and it will carry on as usual. The new FFT website is sort of the "Best of the FFT Blog".

Fly Fishing Traditions New Website Features

The new website will have information gathered from the blog and new features such as;

  • Bugs - There is a "Bugs" Page that gives the inside scoop on all the bugs that live on the Lower Yuba River. Their habitat, entomology, techniques for presenting your bug imitations and recommended patterns and pattern recipes.

  • Lower Yuba River Hatch Chart - I have put together a page with a "Lower Yuba River Hatch Chart", that will tell you when and where you'll find the bugs on the river, along with specific patterns to "Match the Hatch", It will give you a quick look version of presentation techniques.

  • Techniques Page - There is a "Techniques" page that has all of the worthy technique articles from the blog in one place so they will be easy to access. The articles will cover, "Musings of the Big Kahuna", Techniques, Fly Casting Tips, Drift Boat 101, and Nuts & Bolts. A ton of useful information and easy to navigate.

  • Photo Gallery - There is a "Gallery" page with photos of friends, family and fishing destinations. There is a Video Page with worthy videos. (This page is still a work in progress, as far as the worthy goes).

  • Classes and Clinics - There's a "Classes and Clinics" page that will give information of 2011 offerings, which will include a full day "Floating Fly Fishing Clinic" on the Lower Yuba River. There will be basic fly fishing courses, entomology classes and Drift Boat 101 for those people who want to learn the ins and outs of rowing a drift boat or for those that just need a little boost of confidence.

  • Guiding - And last but not least I'm offering guided trips on the Lower Yuba River, the Feather River and the Lower Sacramento River.
All and all this will be a pretty exciting year for myself and Fly Fishing Traditions. I'll let everybody know when the site goes live.

So, Welcome 2011, and Happy New Year to everyone.

Best Wishes, Clay


  1. Happy new year Clay, looking forward to another year of Yuba reports baitis patterns and fly fishing tips..
    Honestly this is one of the few blogs that I read every word of.

  2. Great work Clay. I'm really looking forward to learning more about the Yuba. I'm in for Pontoon Fishing 101!!

    Have a Great and Healthy 2011.



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