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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fly Fishing Traditions Website - Introduction

Welcome to the “New” Fly Fishing Traditions Website for 2011.

The new Fly Fishing Traditions website should be online by February 1st, so I thought I'd put together a preview of the site's content and how to navigate around the site. I'll post another notice for everyone on the day it actually goes live. The address for the new website will be which is the current FFT Blog address when it goes live.

For my current followers, you can use the following link to view a temporary "Preview Site" at the following address

The new website has been created and is provided for your enjoyment and education by myself, a fly fishing dad, father of Zack, husband of Laura, Clay Hash, who in doing so is taking a big leap of faith to share the world of fly fishing with family, friends and new acquaintances and to become a fly fishing educator and guide. My wish is to constantly remind everyone that fly fishing is much more than catching fish, it’s about the wonderful natural environments that surround us, the sound of the rivers and streams that we journey to, the beautiful sunsets that we encounter at the end of the day and most of all the relationships with our friends and families and our natural environment. It’s about Life and Fly Fishing.

For those of you who have been following this FFT Blog, I came to realize that I wanted to provide much more information about Fly Fishing here on my home river, The Lower Yuba River,and Northern California than the blog alone could facilitate. Thus the creation of the new Fly Fishing Traditions web site.

This website is the product on countless hours devoted to the fly fishing public, young, old and in between. It has been created to educate and pass on fly fishing, stories, musings, tips, techniques, bugs, and fly patterns that can be integrated into your fishing strategies here in Northern California. It’s goal is to encourage sharing the knowledge that the we all have gained and foster an environment of teaching to those who want to learn and raise their hands with questions and ideas.

So, have some fun, start exploring the website and let’s start a “New Tradition!

Like I mentioned the new Fly Fishing Traditions Website should be online by February 1st. It's a full fledged website that will hopefully be informative, fun and educational for many people no matter what their experience level is with fly fishing.

I'm not quitting the Fly Fishing Traditions Blog, it will still continue on and the best stuff will feed into the website. The FFT Blog will have a new address, bear with me, as I'm not sure what it will be yet, and will always be available from the new website on the top Navigation Bar.

I've been working on this for over 8 months, there's still a few bugs in it, but I'm ready to let in fly.

Navigating the Fly Fishing Traditions Website

The Fly Fishing Traditions website is divided into 9 main pages.
  • Home Page
  • Blog
  • Bugs
  • Hatch Chart
  • Techniques
  • Gallery
  • Clinics
  • Guiding
  • Contact
I've put together 3 Videos to get everyone oriented to the site and how to navigate around once you're there. Let me know what you think after you check it out at

Video #1 - Introduction to the New Fly Fishing Traditions Website

As another reminder the pre-view site address is

This video will show you the Home Page and what you'll find on the Home page

(1) Fly Fishing Traditions Navigation Bar to access all the sites main pages
(2) The FFT Side Bar which you will find as a column on the right on many pages
(3) The content of the main body on the Home Page

Video #2 - Part Two of the Introduction to the New Fly Fishing Traditions Website

This 2nd video will show you the;

(1) Blog Page
(2) Bugs Page
(3) Lower Yuba Hatch Chart Page
(4) Techniques Page

Video #3 of the Introduction to the New Fly Fishing Traditions Website

(1) FFT Gallery Page
(2) Clinics Page
(3) Guiding Page
(4) Contact Page

Video #4 - The Lower Yuba Hatch Chart
The Lower Yuba Hatch Chart is probably the page that has taken the longest to put together. I've got a listing of the most prevalent bugs found on the Lower Yuba, Caddis, Mayflies, Stoneflies and Other. Each bug has information pertaining to;

(1) Emergence Sequence
(2) Patterns to match the Bugs
(3) Attributes of the Bugs
(4) Habit of the Bugs
(5) Basic Presentation Techniques

So, that's an overview of the site, check it out, I hope the time spent on getting it up and running will be valuable for anyone checking it out.


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  1. You website is coming together nicely. Can't wait until the full site is online.


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