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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guides Panel Presentation for the GCFF

For the February 1st meeting of the Gold Country Fly Fishers, I'm going to be presenting a 12 minute slide show, plus or minus, you know how slide shows go, prior to the "Guides Panel" question and answer session about fishing the Lower Yuba River.

The "Guides Panel" will consist of Gold Country Fly Fisher's members, Tom Page of Foothill Fly Fishing Expeditions, Keith Scott of West Slope Drifters and myself representing Fly Fishing Traditions. The moderators will be Trent Pridemore and Frank Rinella. They will start the question and answer session with some questions and then open the questions up to the members.

Here's a list on questions that we've been tossing around to give you an idea.

(1) How do you go about deciding what flies to use on any given day.

(2) How do you tell which places on the river are the best places to fish.

(3) How do you determine what is the best fishing outfit to use on a given day, dry rod, nymph rod, switch rod etc.

(4) If you were going to make a suggestion of the best, all around outfit for fishing the Lower Yuba and you could only afford one, what would you choose? Rod, Reel, Line.

(5) What are your top five attractor nymphs that you could not do without?

(6) What time of year would you say that the average fisherman would have the best chance of being successful on the Lower Yuba?

(7) What is your favorite hatch on the Lower Yuba and why?

(8) What is the most productive method of fishing the Lower Yuba River.

(9) How do you like to rigg for indicator nymphing and why.

(10) If you had to pick one thing that most anglers need to improve on to become more accomplished anglers on the Lower Yuba River what would it be.

(11) What is the difference between a steelhead and a trout on the Lower Yuba River.

(12) Should I fish for trout and steelhead when the salmon are on their redds?

(13) Is it necessary to carry specific patterns to match the hatches on the Lower Yuba River? If so, which hatches?

(14) What the heck is steak and eggs?

(15) Why would you suggest that someone hire a guide for a day on the Lower Yuba River and what should they expect.

(16) Who do you admire most as a fly fishing mentor, author, or educator.

(17) Are there any books, videos, etc, that you would recommend to help a fly fisher improve their game.

(18) Where are your secret spots on the river. Just Kidding!

So, if you've got the time try to make it to the next meeting of the Gold Country Fly Fishers. It will be on Tuesday, February 1, at the Ponderosa Building (formerly known as the Senior Center) in Nevada County Fairgrounds - Grass Valley. Use Gate #2. The General Meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

I'll also be doing a table clinic on the Skwalas on the Lower Yuba prior to the general meeting starting at 5:45.

Come on out it'll be a fun meeting.



  1. Clay,
    I will be fly fishing for the first time this spring and saw in your third point that there are three different types of rods. I bought a rod from LL Bean (beginners I guess since I told them I have never fly fished before)so how do I know what type I have? Are the differences that great that at some point I would see the differences? Good luck on your presentation.
    Thanks for any advice you can share.
    Ed Mac

  2. Ed Mac,

    I would suggest you call LL Bean and ask them to explian the code on your rod above the cork handle that will specify the rod weight and length.

    The three types of rods are;

    (1) A nymphing Rod which I would suggest a Sage 99.
    (2) A switch rod for swinging flies. A Sage Z-Axis 11'0" ($790+/-) or a Redington CPX 11'0 ($400 +/-)
    (3) A dry fly rod, A fast action 5 weight, like a Sage Z-Axis.

    If you are going to by just one rod for the Yuba I's suggest a 9'6" fast action Rod.
    High End - Sage Z-Axis)
    Medium - Sage VXP or Reddington CPX
    Lower End - Temple Fork

    I hope this helps



Have any Questions or Comments? Let me know, Clay.