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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kingfisher Drift Boat Build - Glassing the Exterior Chines

I've been side tracked with some other projects for a couple of days, but I've been able to catch up and do a few things when I've had a moment here and there. I drove to Santa Rosa and did a presentation "The Seasons of the Lower Yuba", That was a lot of fun. I also helped Mike Williams with a spey day for the GCFF club on the Lower Yuba. So I've been mixing a few other things in.

Here's some of the things I've crossed off the list during the past week;

  • Once the rounded transom was installed I had to fill the gap between the Plascore bottom and the vertical portion of the transom. I used epoxy peanut butter that was very stiff, it needed to be thick enough not to run down and through the gap.
  • Once the gap was filled, I sanded the peanut butter and finish sanded the mahogany plywood on the inside of the rounded transom.
  • I flow coated the mahogany plywood on the inside of the transom with two coats of epoxy.
  • Once the flow coat was dry I sanded the surfaces and prepared the rounded transom at the junction of the bottom to receive the bi-axial cloth. 
  • I had previously applied the bi-axial cloth on all the interior chine everywhere except where I still had to install the rounded transom.
  • I had to do about 3 lin. feet of Bi-axial at the stern.
  • Once the Bi-axial cloth had dried overnight I sanded the entire interior chine with 80 grit with my random orbital sander.
  • I sanded the interior sides with 220 grit and cleaned everything up, epoxy drips, pencil marks etc.
  • I cut a temporary spreader at the stern area to use as a template for the final one. I fit it and installed it.
  • I cut the bottom stretchers to fit, (they were both short when cut to the dimensions shown on the plan). I also reinforced them by adding gussets(4) scribed to the sides.
  • I added gussets (4) to the top spreaders  
  • I vacuumed up the inside and got Zack to help me flip the boat over.
So here's a video that shows the progress through today, Saturday.

 I've got the

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