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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tuning Up Your cast - The Newspaper Drill

I'd posted a the video from Kirk Deeter earlier and decided to add the tip to it and have them both in one place.

Here’s a drill to take out on the lawn to groove a straight rod path.

This drill helps you control the rod path and reinforces the principle that your line follows your rod path.If your aim tends to be wild and the path of the line seems to be roving all over the place, the problem can probably be traced to the fact that your casting arm is flailing around away from your body.To fix this, you need to embrace a compact, short stroke.

Here’s the drill.

  • Place a folded newspaper in the armpit of your casting arm.
  • Practice your straight line casting stroke.
  • If the newspaper falls from under your armpit, your arm is wobbling too wide.
  • Concentrate of compact shorter strokes.
That’s it! Groove this and your line will cast straighter and truer.

Here's a video from Kirk Deeter with a demo of this drill

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