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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stop and Block Spey Technique

When we are in the process of perfecting the modern spey casting stoke, we often find ourselves using our top hand way too much. Especially when first getting started. This can be attributed to the many years of single handed casting where the technique is all with our dominant hand. The dominant hand is now our top hand when spey casting. It wants to cast.

How you utilize your top and bottom hand to create an efficient lever is a hard thing to grasp. Andrew Toft has shot a video which explains his "Stop and Block" technique. It is the "Fulcrum Principle" where the top hand is the pivot and "stop" mechanism and the bottom hand pulls back and provides a" block". This combination and sequence is what makes a spey line fly. Little top hand movement but a very specific top hand stop sequence to stop the rod to release the tip.

It's the old "Monty Python" thing  where the "Trebuchet" throws the cow over the wall. If the fulcrum point was moving the lever fails and the cow throwers gets the cow dung all over them. Cow and other assorted barnyard animals get thrown over wall. No fulcrum, no Cow!


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