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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fly Casting - The Endless Persuit

I've recently started getting more involved with teaching fly casting. I'm organizing fly casting workshops for our local fly fishing club, the Gold Country Fly Fishers. For myself it's been a personal pursuit for my whole life of fly fishing up to this time. I don't mean the teaching, I'm talking about figuring out how to become a better fly caster myself.

You know what, teaching makes you a better fly caster. I've found myself spending many hours practicing myself to prepare myself to teach a group and there are new discoveries and light bulbs going off all the time. I mean when everyone talks about stopping the rod, where the heck are you supposed to stop it? How firm? You sort of know the answers intuitively from fishing for so many years but how do you get it out of your intuition and break it down into spoken words and explain it? These are things that you just have to get right in your head before you start trying to teach it and explain it to someone else.

I'm going to document my journey as a fly casting instructor here on this blog and hopefully my journey will be beneficial to anyone else who has a yearning to teach fly casting or anyone that is learning to cast a fly. I'll be preparing to take the test to become a FFF Certified Casting Instructor while I'm at it. Do I really care if I'm certified, not really. Life for me has always been proof is in doing. I'm just going to head that direction and see where it takes me.

I'll be posting stories about the how to become a better fly casting instructor as well as the how to's. I'll share casting drills and ways to practice out on your lawn or ball field. I'll get technical when I need and keep it light when I can.  Hopefully we'll all get better being fly casting instructors and fly casters alike.

Enjoy the ride!

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