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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blue Wing Olive "Baetis" Fly Patterns

The Blue Wing Olive mayfly is present nearly year round all over the world. It is important to remember that in dealing with the Baetis group of mayflies that patterns for one species will be just as effective for the others. You may need to change the size and the color as you encounter the different species as you move from one stream or river to the other or even on the same river in different sections. Collect samples and match the size, color and shape.

It has been stated that the Baetis complex of mayflies is just about the most important group of all western hatches.

I have updated the BWO Baetis patterns with updated information. Hopefully this will be usefull on your favorite stream when the BWO's are present.

Hogan Brown Patterns

Hogan Brown is a signature tier for Iydlwilde Flies. He honed his craft right here on my home river, the Lower Yuba River. Hogan Brown's patterns are some of my "Go To" patterns on a daily basis, whether I'm fishing in Northern California or Southwestern Montana. He's one of the premier fly designers in Northern California. You can purchase his patterns at most of the finest fly shops in the west. You can get my info on Hogan Brown and his patterns at

Hogans Better Baetis

Hogan came up with this pattern 10 years ago when his fishing buddy asked him if he had a "better baetis" pattern. Sounds about right! It was designed as a small mayfly nymph attractor. He recommends using it as a dropper off an emerger or a dun or even to fish it down deep under indicator.

Hogans Military May Olive

Hogan developed the "Military May" while fishing on the Lower Yuba River about 5 years ago to match its complex mayfly hatches. It has become one of my "Go To" patterns on the Lower Yuba and the Lower Sacramento. He recommends using the "Military May" under indicator or as a dropper off a dry fly. A guides tip from Hogan is to pair this up with a more subdued mayfly nymph. He says "Give the fish both flash and plain".

Hogans S&M Nymph Olive

The "S&M Nymph" was based upon Hogan's observations on the Lower Sac and the Lower Yuba. This pattern is designed with a trim body that is darker on the top of the wing than underneath. He states that "Sometimes fish don't like flash". He would recommend this pattern 365 days a year on tailwaters to freestones. This is his first fly that made him think he could actually be descent in the fly tying business. I'd say so. Right on!

Hogans Sipper BWO

Hogan likes the way the "Sipper" looks really alive in the water and imitates a struggling emerger or cripple. He likes to fish the "Sipper" behind a hackle stacker or as a point fly if he feels he can see the strike.

Hogans SIM Mayfly Olive

Hogan came up with the "SIM Mayfly" as an option to his "Sipper". He wanted an emerger pattern that would sink a little better, but still would move freely in the first 1" to 6" of the water column. He recommends fishing this behind a "Sipper". Being it is a sunk fly, it is best paired with a visible fly that is easier to see. He has used the "SIM Mayfly" if trout are seemingly unwilling to commit all the way to the surface.

He sometimes swings the "SIM mayfly" on a long leader leading up to a hatch with a little split shot. Another option is to fish it in the film line or the swirls with a small indicator and split shot.

Bob Quigley's Patterns

Bob Quigley is probably best known for his cripple patterns, but he has created a varied set of patterns to match various stages of the BWO and Baetis hatches. If you are going to put together a box to match all the phases of the BWO hatch you could not go wrong by filling this box with Bob Quigley's patterns. You don't have to look any farther.

Bob Quigley is a signature tyer for Iydlwilde Flies. You can purchase his flies through most quality fly shops.

I have been enamored with Bob Quigley's patterns from the first time I tied on a Quigley's PMD Cripple. This pattern should have a place in your fly box.

Quigleys Half Dun BWO

This Emerger pattern is a great one for fishing in the film during a hatch. Grease your leader to within 6 inches of the fly to keep in in the film.

Quigleys Hackle Stacker BWO

Bob Quigley's hackle stacker technique is utilized on this BWO pattern. The hackle stacker technique is one to master and to add to your fly tying technique arsenal.

Quigleys Micro CDC Cripple Olive

The Micro CDC Cripple is a great pattern for the smallest BWOs

Quigleys Flim Critic BWO

The Film Critic has gained popularity on the flats of our Lower Yuba River where the fish can be maddingly fussy.

Quigleys Loop Wing Dun BWO

The Loop Wing Dun is a simple and effective parachute pattern to be fished low in the film.

Quigleys Loop Wing Dun Female baetis

Bob Quigley developed this Female baetis pattern for the really fussy fish.

Quigleys Loopy BWO

A good cripple pattern on the quiet water pools and stillwater.

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