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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kingfisher Drift Boat Build -Line-X for the Bottom

I'm at the point that I'm needing to decide on what type of material to use to protect and coat the bottom of the driftboat. I'm going to use Line-X. Linex is the product used by Jason Cajune of whom I purchased the plans for the Kingfisher. I've read a lot about how using Line-X is a great way to go but it is cost prohibitive. I had investigated Durabak which is a do-it-yourself bed liner and was feeling that that was the way I'd go. I could purchase the material for about $140.

I stopped by a Line-X dealer in my area to discuss using one of their products "Linex Standard" and was very impressed by the thickness and apparent durability of their product. I was quoted a price of $700 to $800. I agree with the idea that it is pretty pricey.

I decided that I'd load up my Hyde drift boat and take it to a couple of Line-X dealers in our area to have them see how big the boat will be and get additional quotes. There are 3 dealers in my area. I explained that my actual "Kingfisher" glue and stitch boat is about 6" wider and 10" longer than my Hyde. I also explained that I would do the prep and sand the bottom and the sides up about 4" with 80 grit. I would mask the line to be sprayed with Line-X. All they would have to do is apply their proprietary tape with an embedded wire to my masked line and then spray it. No prep, no muss, no fuss. I was quoted a price of $300. Now we're talking.

They explained that there would be no warranty as the product is not specified to be used in a marine environment. I'm OK with that, it has been a proven product by Jason Cajune and other boat builders in Montana.

The transom was sprayed up higher to protect the transom from the anchor 

The sides are sprayed about 4 inches up from the bottom. 

The Linex "Standard" material is sprayed on at a temperature of about 180 degrees. It does not come in a smooth texture so the material is sprayed in a "Smoother" texture but holding the gun further away and sort of fogging it on. The end result was sort of smooth with a slight amount of texture. How "Grippy" the bottom is only time will tell.

I now can drill through the bottom in three places for the brass drain plugs. Once that is done I can do the final prep on the inside and paint it with "Durabak" do-it-yourself bed-liner.

Another big step. It feels like I've finally climbed the mountain and and headed down the other side.

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