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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Psycho Prince

A fly that is increasing in popularity in the west is the Psycho Prince as designed by the renowned fly designer Mike Mercer. The Purple Psycho Prince is the new flavor that has been tied on by many guides in Montana and for that matter just about everywhere.

The fly is tied with "Ice Dubb" and can be tied in many colors. This one is the purple version. Tie some up in purple, orange, blue, dirty pink and green and they will be a welcome addition to your fly boxes.

My Simplified Version of the "Psycho Prince"

Hook: Tiemco 3x Streamer Hook, Size 14

Bead: Size 7/64 Tungsten Bead

Tying Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Pair of Brown Turkey Biot Quills

Ribbing:Copper Wire, size to fit

Carapace : Two Peacock herl fibers

Wings: Pair of White Turkey Biot Quills

Thorax: Peacock Ice Dubbing

Tying Instructions

Step 1:

Slip the 7/64 tungsten bead on the hook. .

Step 2 -

Wrap the hook down to the tie in point at the tail.

Step 3 -

Form a bump with the tying thread at the tie in point for the tails.

Step 4 -

Tie in the two brown biots for the tails and make sure they extend about 5/16" past the hook bend.

Also make sure they are even.

Tie down against the thread bump to splay the tails.

Clip off the excess biots and cover with thread.

Step #5 -

Tie in a piece of copper wire for the ribbing.

Step #6 -

Tie in two strands of peacock herl fibers for the back.

Step #7 -

Dub a tight noodle of Ice Dub. Less is better.

Step #8 -

Dub forward forming a slender tapered body.

It's OK to have fibers sticking out

Step #9 -

Pull the Peacock herl fibers forward keeping them on top of the fly.

Bind down the fibers behind the bead.

Leave room for the thorax.

Cut of the remaining peacock herl.

Step #10 -

Wrap the copper wire forward for the ribbing.

Tie off the wire ribbing behind the bead.

Cut off the copper wire.

Step #11 -

Tie in the pair of white biots for the wings. Starting to look like a Prince Nymph now.

Step #12 -

Dub a short noodle of Peacock Ice Dub for the thorax or collar.

Wrap the dubbing noodle behind the bead and cover the tie in point for the white biots.

Whip finish behind the bead. Cut the thread and you're done.

The Finished "Purple Psycho Prince"

Top View

Quartering View

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