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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FFT Techniques - Nymphing - Fishing a Drop-Off with an Upstream Presentation

When wading on the Lower Yuba and nymphing you will sometimes encounter drop offs at the base of the riffles with a run directly below it. This is another very effective presentation technique, when you have a riffle that transitions into a run right at the base of the riffle. This method also works well when the depth of the water you are standing in is deeper and it is hard to wade very deep. This is very effective when mayflies are coming off in the riffles.

Next time you’re out fishing try this nymphing method;

This is another very effective presentation technique for fishing the base of a riffle.

 Rigg with a standard Indicator Nymphing Set-up

 Start from a position ankle deep and work your way deeper after using the “Shotgun” technique of covering the water closest to you.

So this is how it works

(1) Place a quartering upstream cast so that it lands 6 to 8 feet above the drop off, it’s important not to mend at this point as the flies are getting deep in a controlled manner. If you throw a big mend popping the indicator upstream, the flies they will rocket down and get hung up in the rocks.

(2) After the flies hit raise the rod tip and (high Stick) the indicator with as much line off the water as possible without drawing the indicator back towards shore. They need to be able to continue a straight line path downstream.

(3) Lead the indicator downstream towards your position. If there is a take and the indicator dips, set downstream.

(4) Once the flies are slightly downstream of your position, place a big mend behind the indicator without stopping its downstream progression and follow with your rod tip, lowering it as the rigg moves downstream.

(5) Continue mending and feeding as far downstream as is practical and manageable.

(6) If the indicator, stops, moves upstream, or goes down set to the bank downstream, again not upstream over your head.

Try this method, you’ll like it!

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